Every little detail about your plant—in one cloud based platform. From germination to curing, review your own harvest and compare your performance as you plant and progress. You will be able to track data such as strain types, commercial names, plant height, flowering period, THC levels, outdoor harvest, yield, effect on the body and more.

Most of this information is widely available directly from the seed merchant or your preferred collective—as long as you use high-quality, lab-tested seeds and clones.


Keep records of water quantity, watering schedule, nutrition, lighting, germination period, soil and water pH levels. See all your data in a very easy and intuitive way.

Compare different strains and make premium selections of your favorite plants. This is the chance to truly learn more about the plants you enjoy and their unique characteristics.

Share your data, notes and experience online to receive peer-to-peer feedback on how to improve your gardening skills—from germination to harvesting to curing.


Your Cannalytico dashboard will be available on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices, in a very easy and intuitive user interface.

Add reminders to your calendar—your plants never forgotten.

Receive badges as you progress and become a Cannalytico Pro.


Cannalytico is currently under development. A beta dashboard will be available soon to qualified participants. You must comply with state law.


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Legal Disclaimer

This platform is being developed for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any misuse of the information here provided.

Cannabis remains a Schedule 1 Substance and its use, possession, distribution, cultivation and sale are forbidden by US Federal Law.

We are committed to online privacy and we will not share any of your information.

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